IV. Cost Reduction

(Cost reduction is good only if it is waste that is reduced or eliminated with benefits accruing to both the hospital and the patient)

CRITERIA: This award recognises the reduction of waste/ inefficiency in any area of hospital operations. Especially for projects that generated concrete savings that would continue into the future. More weight is given to the project that does not require capital investment and a large part of the savings was passed on to the patient.

Scoring Factors:
(These are not the entry questions)

  • Did the project reduce costs – were these measured and reported?
  • Was the cost savings sustainable?
  • To what extent were the savings passed on the patients? How was it beneficial to the patient experience?
  • How significant was the saving(s) to the total hospital operations?
  • Were processes adequately analyzed and studied and were the team composition adequate to bring about cost reduction with minimal or no capital expenditure?