VII. Innovations in Healthcare Technology

(Medical diagnostics and every area of hospital efficiency are seriously and increasingly technology dependent. How well is the hospital using Technology?)

CRITERIA: This award is for better use of technology to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of healthcare delivery. This may include integration of different systems for improved efficiency/ productivity/ accuracy, safety of digital information, engagement of different stakeholders. Please note, judging will not be influenced by the financial capabilities of a hospital to invest in technology. More weight will be given not about how much was spent on medical equipment but how well the hospital is harnessing and embracing technology to the extent it can afford, and finding ways when it cannot afford.

Scoring Factors:
(These are not the entry questions)

  • Why is the technology project innovative and how does it make a difference in the improvement of Hospital services.
  • The extent to which the project involves all use of new technology tools and techniques, analytics and online advancements. Was there staff training at all levels?
  • Does it have significant results or outcomes? Are these measurable? Is there concrete feedback or other support to show impact on improvement of hospital service?
  • The extent to which and how the project is communicated to all levels, and how it is used to make sure patients are now better served.
  •  Was the process and means by which the project was conducted adequate to meet its goals? Was the composition of the team about right? Were appropriate analysis tools used, or was it only a matter of throwing money at the problem?