XIV. Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award is dedicated to an outstanding health care professional in Asia, with a preference from the host country of the event, who has done the most for making patients feel better or get better. As the term implies, it must also go to a person who has devoted his/her life or a large part thereof to this endeavor.

The person can be a hospital CEO, if he/she has been that a VERY long time and generally known to put patient’s rights ahead of everything else, or is known for his/her generosity in treating the poor and has consistently done this all his life. He or she can also be someone who has devoted his/her life to areas working with the poor, or devoted to working with drug rehabilitation, or has a distinguished career in the health care, civil service, etc. Specifically, we are looking for someone well-respected and senior in age (about 60+). We are not really looking at a specific sector like public, private, university, and others. It can be any of the above.