X. Nursing Excellence

(Nursing is at the center of all hospital activities. How well does the hospital improve this service?)

CRITERIA: This award recognises improvements to patient experience as a direct result of innovations/ improvements in how nursing care is delivered. This may include communication between departments of the hospital; reducing nursing or other error; patient well-being and happiness. More weight is given for a project or program that improves the patient experience because of improvements and innovations in how nursing care is delivered.

Scoring Factors:
(These are not the entry questions)

  • The degree to which this is a nursing initiated and nursing led project to improve nursing service
  • Did the project bring to the team other departments who could contribute to its success?
  • Are the before and after measurements to show the project is working, and were these measurements relevant?
  • Is there feedback from patients that show it to be so?
  • How well was patient safety, well-being and comfort served?