XI. Patient Safety

(Projects or programs to keep a patient SAFE, such as use of right equipment, infection control, minimize slips and falls and prevention of sentinel events)

CRITERIA: This award is for outstanding projects to assure patient safety in the diagnosis and delivery of care. This includes, reporting, management and prevention of sentinel events; medication errors and infection control. Please provide details of the demonstrable improvement and how this was recorded. More weight is given to how much the project or program improved patient safety and if there are measurements to back this up.

Scoring Factors:
(These are not the entry questions)

  • How well does the project assure patient safety and the prevention of sentinel events?
  • Is there significant improvement in patient safety after, as compared to before the project?
  • Does it have significant results or outcomes?  Are these measurable? Are there testimonials, awards, or other support to show impact on improvement of hospital service?
  • The extent the project is prevention oriented, and how well it will reduce or eliminate service defects. Will the benefits be long lasting?
  • Was the process and means by which the project was conducted adequate to meet its goals? Was the composition of the team about right? Were appropriate analysis tools used, or was it only a matter of throwing money at the problem?