XII. Talent Development

(Includes programs for training, retraining, and retaining staff)

CRITERIA: This award is for projects that develop the skills and patient care abilities of its staff to improve service. This may include softer skills such as communication, motivation or teamwork practices. The innovation, longevity and meaningfulness of the training will be considered. Please indicate the percentage of staff that was impacted by the talent development project. Special weight is given to the percent of employees covered, how well it motivates employees to provide better service and how the training improves service.

Scoring Factors:
(These are not the entry questions)

  • Does the project train and benefit a large majority of staff or is it more selective? Is it based on an analysis of needs and does it allow employees' flexibilities to learn at their own time? Is it innovative?
  • Does the project or program improve the lot and morale of the employee by way of effective professional training, adequate incentives and remuneration, ownership opportunities, and lifelong learning?
  • Does it have significant results or outcomes from the patient's point of view? Are these measurable? Are there testimonials, awards or other support to show impact on improvement of hospital service or effectiveness of the program?
  •  The extent the project is innovative and how well it will improve service. Will the benefits be long lasting?
  • Was the process and means by which the project was conducted adequate to meet its goals? Was the composition of the team about right? Were appropriate analysis tools used or was it only a matter of throwing money at the problem?