I. Hospital Chief Executive Officer of the Year (NEW)

(This category is for the leader of the hospital that drives the organisation in achieving its mission and vision)

CRITERIA: The Hospital CEO leads the organisation in achieving its goals. They work on building an organisation culture that will nurture the skills of the team and inspire them to do better in providing care to patients. We are looking for initiatives that the CEO championed in ensuring that it is implemented in the hospital and the application of innovation in making sure that the service is sustainable in the future. More weight is given if the project or program that improves the patient experience because of the increased, improved or innovative involvement of the leader and the team. Did the CEO inspire the staff to step up and participate in brainstorming for the improvements? Did they agree to make changes that would help the hospital serve the patients better?

Scoring Factors:

(These are not the entry questions)

  • Was there real and active involvement by Hospital CEO?
  • Were the improvements largely due to the changes in way CEOs are involved in the care process
  • How innovative was the project?
  • How well did it involve others who can contribute?
  • Were there sound before and after measurements?